Customize & Create your space!

We are a husband a wife team that started CKandNateCreate to help people create customized home decor pieces. We met through our mutual love for mathematics and physics over 10 years ago. Our technical background, along with years of hands on experience DIYing our way through multiple whole-house renovations, allows us to bring our clients' ideas to life!

We initially started out with our hexagonal rope pull and after requests came in for different options and matching knobs, we quickly expanded to include various plumbing supplies to add variety and uniqueness to our knobs and pulls. We also have fulfilled requests for a multitude of other items such as light fixtures, shelf hangers and curtain tie-backs.

Our two kids have taught us that when you need to do a house project, you want to get it done fast... preferably in the time frame of a nap... and things need to hold up to a lot! Therefore, our novel design of the ends allow you to attach our knobs and pulls with a simple screw which we provide. All material options are held in to the ends with a two part epoxy to give maximum strength and durability. All of our products come with a 30 day money-back guarantee, and a lifetime limited warranty, so you can be confident that your piece will meet and exceed your expectations.

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